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We are a passionate software development company dedicated to solving complex challenges. While we specialize in eCommerce solutions we also deliver innovative solutions for fintech, healthcare, IoT, and startups. Our expertise in creating fast and efficient mobile and web applications ensures that we can help your business thrive.

Our Services

Grow Business CRM as a software development company provides services ranging from product design to delivery and launch. We are ready to design your product and implement web and mobile apps that accomplish your business goals!

Web development

Grow Business CRM as a software development company provides services ranging from product design to delivery and launch. We are ready to design your product and implement web and mobile apps that accomplish your business goals!

Mobile development

We specialize in bringing our client’s ideas to life. Our brilliant mobile teams take pride in tackling the most difficult challenges and bringing them to life on Android and iOS devices.

Product Design

We give a unique part of your business a voice. Design is one of the most important parts of every product. Our design team cares about the user experience over the entire customer journey.

Why do our clients value us?

Our clients, when asked about the most important advantages of cooperation with Grow CRM, highlighted the following. Check out the below to see if we have what you’re looking for!

Free estimation

Free project estimation and deep understanding of your needs before the project starts – this is the first saving you get working in cooperation with Grow CRM.

On budget, on-time

Work done in accordance with specifications, within budget, and on time. Always predictable and stable cooperation

Project workshops

We are not waiting for a ready-made action plan, we use a proactive approach. We are here to help you in the creation of product strategy and in making the key decisions.

Dedicated team

Each project has a dedicated team with a certified project manager and other experts with excellent technical skills in their field depending on the project requirements.

Passionate people

Geow CRM employs many beautiful minds who have a lot of passion for programming. Nothing will stop them – they are at your call.

Code ownership

We do not claim any ownership of the software we make. We do the job for you, and when completed, you will have full ownership of the code.

About Us

Grow CRM is a custom software development company that specializes in web and mobile applications. Our team has experience in software development working with industries like gambling, fintech, healthcare, IoT, and more. The quality of the products we deliver due to the quality of the team that we put at your disposal. We want you to work only with the best people on the market! That is why we invest in specialists with various skills – software developers, testers, UX/UI designers, and managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have collected questions that are repeated during conversations with you, our customers, and using these questions, we have explained some key terms that may raise doubts. We hope you find the information below helpful. If you have any questions, please write to us!

By definition, a software house is a software development company. This means that you can take advantage of its services if you are looking for a partner who will create software for your internal use or software that will facilitate the use of your services by external clients. A company that creates software for specific activities that is later bought by private users, you can also call a software house. First of all, it is a company where programmers work, and their tasks include writing the source code. In other words, a software house is an IT company whose services you can use when building a website, online store, or web & mobile application.

Depending on the strategy and specialization, the software development company can offer services such as web development, web app development, MVP development, PWA development, RWD development, Mobile-first design, frontend development, backend development, cloud-based software development, multi-tenant systems development, software development, custom software development, mobile development, iOS development, Android development, hybrid apps development, product design, product workshops, UX design, UI design, testing, and maintenance. A software development company can be industry-focused, e.g. betting development, fintech development, e-commerce development, etc.

Sure. Some software development companies specialize in certain types of products. Some of them provide only Web services, others focus on creating Mobile applications. Often the scope of services is defined by the team structure and the skills and experience of programmers in working with specific technologies. There are software development companies that only deal with front-end development or those that specialize in back-end solutions. Some IT companies make native mobile apps while others use cross-platform technology. Yet another factor influencing specialization may be the industry, e.g. e-commerce, fintech, healthcare, or sports. At Grow CRM, we not only support projects in the field of Web & Mobile development but also design digital products taking into account good UX/UI practices. We specialize in solutions for the betting industry, this is the main, but not the only area of ​​our specialization.

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